Passionate about protecting people’s freedom.


Chris was a true professional. He returned my initial call promptly, and was readily accessible throughout the process. Chris had thorough knowledge of the law regarding my self-defense case. He was also very open to listening to my ideas and points on defense, and offering his knowledge base to apply to each point. Chris will formulate the best plan, and when the time comes, defend you with all that he can. In my case I was attacked by a drunken fool, and was forced to defend myself against his attack. Bottom line. I was completely innocent, and Chris got me out of a scary situation. Thanks again Chris! It must be extremely gratifying, when you can help innocent people.

— CH

The focus is on you. On your rights. Your freedom.

Your future. Your life.

Passionate about protecting people’s freedom, Christopher founded Bub Defense to devote his career solely to that purpose.

Christopher has defended hundreds of people against a variety of charges, including drunk driving, drug dealing, sexual assault, and homicide. He combines his unique background in criminal defense, complex litigation, and engineering to provide high level legal representation to people accused of crimes.





Defending individuals accused of crimes located in Minnesota and Wisconsin